Civil initiative "Ruse helps Ukraine"

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This platform is created by the civil initiative Ruse helps Ukraine (Русе помага на Украйна/Русе допомагае Україні) for helping people fleeing the war in Ukraine. This civil union is acting together with the non-governmental organization Rights to a Childhood Foundation and Europe Direct Ruse.

The purpose of this platform is to help people, fleeing the war in Ukraine, who seek to settle down in the region of Ruse, as well as those who are just passing through. You will find practical information, legal issues, a list of possibilities to accommodate, a list of available jobs for job seekers, information for medical assistance, and many other means of support. The information is constantly updated.

The platform is supporting the official authorities in the name of the Municipality of Ruse (Bulgaria) and the Honorary Consulate of Ukraine in Ruse, as well as the Bulgarian Red Cross in Ruse and Caritas Ruse in their refugee initiatives.



Private homes

On the territory of Ruse and the region, there are several proposals for accommodation in private homes. Some of them are completely free, others are related to bearing part of the utility costs.

4Cherven villagefreeJenifer, +359 882886565
12Ryahovo villagefreeVladislav, +359 877801668
2RusefreeYana, +359 886999011

Hotels / Hostels

On the territory of Ruse, there are a lot of hotels and hostels.

For some of them, we have negotiated special prices for Ukrainian citizens. Discounts will be given upon presentation of a valid Ukrainian identity document.

Ruse city

HotelDouble room price BGNContact
Charlino Plaza50+35982825707
La Maison50+359888823866
City House68+359878762666
Lombardi 70+359884842209
City Rai70+35982859090
City Art74+359885158403
English Guest House
Ana Palace82+35982825005
Bistra & Galina104+35982823344
Danube Plaza118+359884507110

Ruse region

Guest HousesDouble room price BGNContact
Guest House Avliga, Bozhichen village

Medical Assistance

There are two hospitals in Ruse. For emergencies, you can contact them:

UMBAL Kanev+35982887351
UMBAL Medica+35982830230

The following doctors/hospitals offer free medical services for Ukrainian citizens:

UMBAL Medica+35982830230
Dr. Georgi Dzurkov – DentistFacebook
Dr. Mariyana Novakova – Pediatrician+359887714291
Dr. Emiliya Yankova – Pediatrician/General practitioner (GP)+359887276925
Optics М13М – Еye examinations+359‭82825553‬

Volunteers & Donations


You can donate here:

Bank account (EUR):BG45BPBI79211445520301
Bank account (BGN):BG63BPBI79211045520301
Bank code (BIC):BPBIBGSF
Bank:Eurobank Bulgaria
Account holder:Rights to a Childhood Foundation
Reason:Donation to Refugees



Ukrainian diaspora Ruse supportOlga Pencheva
Mother and child support
Childhood rights
Joana Terzieva
Activities for children aged 3-14 years
Blagovesta Tsenova
Legal advices
Georgi Georgiev
Pets helpKristina R. Nikolova
Spiritual support
pastor Stefan Stefanov
Coworking space
Irina Stoyanova
Emiliyan Enev
Political talks
Stamen Belchev
Doroteya Koleva
General support
Natalia Vangelov
Deyan Gerasimov
Vesela Mihova

If you want to become a volunteer (providing accommodation, transport, and other humanitarian help) do not hesitate to contact the Right for Childhood Foundation at ­

Additionally you can find out Facebook group here.


Railway service


Trains in Bulgaria are free of charge for passengers from Ukraine. Upon showing Ukrainian passport, International Passport of Ukrainian citizens or Ukrainian Birth Certificate for Children, you receive a free ticket for the trains in Bulgaria. The timetable is here


Trains in Romania are free of charge for passengers from Ukraine. There is a train from Bucharest (Romania) to Ruse (Bulgaria) every day. Departs from the main railway station of Bucharest: București Gara de Nord at 10:55 and arrives in Ruse at 13:45.


Free daily BUS transport from Romanian Borders Isaccea and Giurgiuleşti to Ruse. More details here.

On March 3, 2022, the European Council implemented the Directive on the temporary protection of Ukrainian citizens entering the territory of the Member States of the European Union. This directive is an instrument that allows large groups of citizens coming from countries with military conflicts to receive temporary protection in the EU. This enables all people running from the war in Ukrainian to gain access to rights on the territory of Bulgaria.

A program for the legal protection of people running from the war in Ukraine and migrants of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee has opened a hotline for legal assistance.
You can call on the following phones:
Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00: +35929802049 / +35929813318
Monday to Friday, 07:00 to 09:00 / 17.00-20.00: +359888819745 (hotline)
Saturday and Sunday, 10.00-12.00 / 13.00-16.00: +359888819745 (hotline)

Georgiev & Kolev Law firm provides free legal advice to Bulgarian and foreign citizens arriving from Ukraine. Contact:, +35924007342.

1. Within 3 days after accommodating on a certain address all Ukrainian citizens need to fill in a registration address card in the “Migration” Department.
2. Within 90 days from the date of entry through the border control of the Republic of Bulgaria Ukrainian citizens may apply for refugee status or registration for temporary protection in the “Migration” Department.

At the moment there are the following free positions for Ukrainian refugees in Ruse and the region:

Heros Ltd.Cleaning clothes from threadsRusePopov, tel: +359 898698445
Heros Ltd.Placing buttons and studsRusePopov, tel: +359 898698445
Heros Ltd.IroningRusePopov, tel: +359 898698445
NetWorksCable TV and InternetRuseNetworx, email
Velina MarinoivaSewing servicesRuseMarinova, tel: +359 887862538
BTBTailorsRuseBorova, Facebook
AVKOПроизводство на листи от ПТФЕRuseAVKO, Facebook
TrianoПроизводство на мебелиRuseKostova, tel: +359 888148782
New lineTailors experienced RuseKasnedelcheva, Facebook
1ForFit CompanyWeb Development и QARuse1forfit, email
HeliummartDigital marketingRuseHristo, email
Go GrillSellerRuseVesi, tel: +359 878823878
Boryana RuseTailor/cutterRuseBoryana, email
Boryana RuseTailorsRuseBoryana, email
Boryana RuseAuxiliary workerRuseBoryana, email
Boryana RuseIroningRuseBoryana, email
Witte AutomotiveProduction operatorRuseTeodora, email
Witte AutomotiveMechanical engineersRuseTeodora, email
Witte AutomotiveElectricianRuseTeodora, email
Witte AutomotiveSupportRuseTeodora, email
Kodzhabasheva Ltd.VeterinarianRuseKodzhabasheva, email
Sirma SolutionsJavaScript разработчик с ReactRuseSirma Solutions, email
Sirma SolutionsJava DeveloperRuseSirma Solutions, email
PaChicoChemical engineerRusePetrova, email
Infinity Ltd.CookRuseRestaurant Terassa, Facebook
Avangard printOperator printing machineRuseGindyanov, email
Artemida models RuseTailorsRuseArtemida Models Ruse, tel: +359 887862538
Econt ExpessTechnical Assistant International CustomersRuseEcont, email
Econt ExpessData AnalystRuseEcont, email
RodgersKitchen workerRuseChervinskiy, tel: +359 877220485
RodgersChambermaidRuseChervinskiy, tel: +359 877220485
Arda RuseTailors experienced RuseMalinina, tel: +359888468719
Bader BulgariaTailors non-experienced RuseBader Bulgaria, Facebook
Tailor companyTailorsRuseRumyana, tel: +359 899841386
Arko Ltd.Metal lathe operatorRuseAlipiev, tel.: +359888792737
Hotel JewellerChambermaidRuseVasileva, +359 888326613
GOLD-APOLO LtdOperators, packaging departmentRuseGOLD-APOLO, +359 899906153
GOLD-APOLO LtdHardware in a furniture factoryRuseGOLD-APOLO, +359 899906153
BongustaWaitersRuseBongusta, +359 899483118
BongustaCooksRuseBongusta, +359 899483118
BongustaBartendersRuseBongusta, +359 899483118
BongustaCleanersRuseBongusta, +359 899483118
Prototypes & Special Machines LtdMechanical Engineer / Mechanical CAD DesignerSandrovoPrototypes & Special Machines Ltd,


Section with frequently asked questions and answers to the most important questions that concern people fleeing the war in Ukraine.